Quick as a flash, you retrieve your robotic arm from the resupply cabinet. It fits your stump of a right arm like a glove, and smells strangely of scrumpy.

With that out of the way, you ponder the rest of the gear you’re going to be taking with you on this dangerous mission. Surely you at least need some sort of gun?

You get yourself started by making your way to the resupply cabinet to get your gear ready for the dangerous mission ahead.

It is at this point that you notice that your right forearm is missing.


In a horrible, self-inserting fashion, the four given characters (each with their own intricate backstories and special abilities) are completely ignored and the spotlight is instead cast upon a somewhat mentally deficient Engineer who was out of shot before.

You are now the DERPGINEER.


It’s been days, maybe even weeks. Up until now you’ve always been rushed around, transported speedily from each battle to the next with rarely a moment’s respite. Strangely, ever since the returning to base after the successful assault of Thunder Mountain, there has been no word from BLU command about your next mission, or any contact from anyone whatsoever.

You decide to venture into the unknown, to explore the dark land beyond in search of clues as to why you’ve been left behind. But mostly, it’s because you are extremely bored.

But for now…you are…